Japan-Asean Conference a smashing success

Dr. Hui Meng Tan and colleagues hosted the annual JAPAN- ASEAN Conference on Men’s Health & Aging, July 9 – 11, 2010. The conference was extremely well attended and provided an unprecedented lineup of sessions and symposia focusing on different men’s health and aging field.

Snapshot: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Representing the International Society of Men’s Health was Dr. Michael Zitzmann, who presented a pre-conference workshop on “Testosterone Replacement Therapy for the Primary Care Physician”. Testosterone supplementation, and it’s associated implications in men remains to be a confusing (and controversial) subject for many clinicians. The effects of decreased androgen levels affect many aspects of health, manifesting as depression, lethargy, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction and more. Dr. Zitzmann addressed the markedly underdiagnosed endocrinopathy, discussed diagnosis, testosterone replacement therapy, and surveillance.

Snapshot: Future of Men’s Health in Asia

Dr. Hui Meng Tan presented a keynote address, highlighting the concept of men’s health as it pertains to the Asian community. The field of Men’s Health is rapidly growing and is taking precedence throughout Japan and Asia, in part due to the age structure of the population.

Stressing the importance of the multidisciplinary nature of men’s health, Dr. Tan urged health-care professionals to recocognize the importance of prostate health, hypogonadism and sexual health as factors that have a huge impact on the quality of life for aging men. Taking into consideration the cultural context of the Asian community requires congnizance of “masculinity” traits among Asian men. Stressful overachving personalities such as the majority of Asian men would benefit from stress reduction in the form of meditation as well as maintaining close family bonds.

More Men’s Health in Nice

Join Dr. Tan and Dr. Zitzmann this fall at the 7th Men’s Health World Congress, being held October 28-30th in Nice, France.