ISMH in Oslo, Norway

The 20th European Meeting on Hypertension (ESH) in Oslo, Norway on June 18-21, 2010 also set the scene for the topic of men’s health. A new workgroup of the ESH “Hypertension and Sexual Dysfunction” held their inaugural session during the meeting. With the aim of emphasizing the reciprocal relationship between hypertension and sexual dysfunction, members of the new working group gave landmark lectures on topics such as: the relationship between antihypertensive drugs, dyslipidemia and sexual dysfunction. Prof. Siegfried Meryn, General Secretary of the ISMH, once again represented the International Society of Men’s Health in Oslo, where he gave a lecture on the effects of sexual dysfunction and hypertension on men’s overall health. Conclusions of the conference resulted in an agreement for strong future collaborations in the field of education, health promotion and research, including a special focus on hypertension and men’s health.